CUSTOM Family Mission Statement || 11x14 || FAMILY STRONG


Shipping to United States: $5.00

Now that you have finished Digital Family Reset it is time to put pen to paper and write your
Family Mission Statement bringing your Legacy to Life!

Family connection is the glue that holds you together and we want you to be reminded of what you’ve learned here in Digital Family Reset so that you can continue to grow, strengthen, and connect as a family.

Use the PDF guide and prompts you received in Module 6 in DFR to create your Family Mission
Statement and then complete the form below!

Family Strong Project has partnered with Lily and Sparrow to make this moment even more
special to customize a print just for you! So order in pizza and make it a Family Night, because
this is a special event for all involved!

After creating your Family Mission Statement, work with Alison of Lily and Sparrow to create a keepsake of your legacy.

11x14, custom designed print
Professional, high quality card stock printing

Please include your mission statement in the note section of your purchase, or send a direct message after completing the payment.

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